The island definitely needed some more freedom.

"Why are you single?"

Some people play hard to get, I play hard to want. 

I would just like to offer my two cents on this video, and the meaning behind it.

Alright firstly, the confederate flag. Many of you may or may not know that Kanye has put the confederate flag on a number of his new merchandise associated with the Yeezus tour. The reason for this is that he wants to replace a racist symbol with himself. He wants people to start associating it with him, instead of racism, so quite frankly it can’t be used by racists, as it represents a ‘Black Skin Head.’ He has admitted to this. (I’ll dig up the interview if you don’t believe me.)

Now with this in mind, we can continue on to the Bound 2 video. This video presents some of the most stereotypical, if not corny american stereotypes. The desert. The galloping stallions. The beautiful woman. The soft porn. The lone ranger riding his motorcycle into the sunset. And it is all presented in such a simple and uninspiring way that it is almost a mockery of these things. The only thing not stereo typically American here, is the fact that the lone ranger is black.

So why is Kanye doing this? Well it is pretty simple, he is taking White American culture, and he is replacing it with a Black Skin Head. This is essentially an aggressive cultural takeover that the average person probably doesn’t even realize is happening. Why else would he debut the video on the Ellen show? It is a White American talk show, with a White American demographic. This man is literally destroying White American stereotypes by making them revolve around him. The funniest part is, hardly anyone realizes it. Oh and who is white America’s favorite white person? Jesus. Im sure you all get where I’m going with this.

If you owe the IRS less than $10,000 in unpaid personal income tax debt, then you can obtain what is called a “Guaranteed Installment Agreement”.

Call the telephone number in the upper left corner of your bill (or call 800-829-1040). Explain that you want to set up a Guaranteed Installment Agreement. As long as you can pay the entire tax bill within 36 months and can pay at least $25 per month in payment, they are required to give you the payment plan by law.

If they start asking about your income and expenses, inform them that the law does not require you to provide this information for a Guaranteed IA (actually say “IA” — they’ll think you know what you’re talking about).

At the same time, if this is your first time owing back taxes, be sure to ask for the “first time penalty abatement”. Explain you made an honest mistake or just didn’t have the money, and they’ll usually alleviate the penalties if it’s a first offense. “First offense” generally means you’ve had a clean federal tax history for at least three years.

Tales From Tech Support #1

The day the user almost became self-aware.

User asked me what to do to be safe online against viruses and malware. I gave my usual speech about being vigilant on updates and conscious of what you click on when you go online; I know it’s the equivalent of fucking for virginity when asking a user to think when using the computer…but, I digress.

I told the user to be conscious of what he clicks on when online and responded, “Well I tried disconnecting the mouse to protect myself from viruses, but that didn’t work out.”

I was floored. The user was almost on the verge of realizing that he is the reason there are viruses on his computer.